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New York weddings event - part three

[ITA-ENG] Abbiamo chiesto a Jill Weiskopf  Public Relations Manager per il New York weddings event – di rispondere a qualche domanda sull’evento al quale ho partecipato il mese scorso a New York. Ecco l’intervista che mi ha rilasciato!

We asked Jill Weiskopf - Public Relations Manager for the New York weddings event - to answer a few questions about the event that I attended last April in New York
Here is Jil's interview!

How many exhibitors did participate? Which categories of exhibitors were present?
115 participants, in categories like accessories, beauty/health, cake designers, dance studios, DJs and bands, dresses, favors, florists, jewelry, menswear, photographers and videographers, planners and event designers, registry, rentals, stationers, venues and caterers, and more (media, ice cream, dry cleaning, etc..).

Who were the main recipients of the fair?
Smart, upscale city brides-to-be, as well as Bridesmaids, Grooms, and Mothers-of-the-Brides.

The fair was “only” three hours long, in Italy a fair lasts normally a full day at least. I found really convenient to shorten the exhibition time. Is this a consolidated and usual formula for this type of fairs?
Some events like this take place a full day or over a weekend, it just depends on the particular showcase. For the past three years, we have found a consolidated timeframe on a weekday evening to be the most convenient for our brides and vendors.

Which are the latest and newest tendencies of weddings in NYC?
In terms of bridalwear, we are seeing a lot of airy gowns with exaggerated skirts, sparkly details, and elegant draping. Alternatives to the standard veil are also popping up, including hats, headbands, and statement jewelry. Also, for flowers this season, we are seeing a lot of lush greenery with stems like eucalyptus, ferns, bay leaves, and ivy.

Which ones were the most attractive and original exhibitors according to your opinion?
All of the exhibitors brought something unique to the event.

Do you think this type of wedding fair are useful for the wedding planners too since the bride/groom to be have the opportunity to directly interact with the suppliers/exhibitors?
Definitely- planners can meet new clients that perhaps they haven’t had a chance to work with before and develop new contacts, as well as get inspiration and new ideas of up-and-coming trends.

In Italy it is not a very common to request the professional presence of a wedding planner…is it different in NYC area? People are more willing to put the organization of their wedding into the “highly professional hands” of a wedding planner?
Yes, in New York City it is very common to have wedding planners. Many brides-to-be appreciate having a professional to help ease some of the stresses of planning the big day. Brides and grooms are often willing to hire a wedding planner given their daily schedules and all the details that must go into making their wedding perfect.

Un grazie a Jill per la sua cortese collaborazione! Thanks to Jill for the collaboration!

Credits by NyMag

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